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04 March 2010 @ 11:25 am
[And suddenly, standing in a doorway in rain that certainly wasn't falling when he was carrying his stuff to Jyuudai's dorm not ten minutes ago, there is a boy with bluish-green hair and an outfit that kind of looks like he hasn't yet gotten the word it's not 1971 anymore. He's also got a weird-looking contraption on his left arm. You might take it for some kind of weapon, and in a sense, it is--although probably not the kind of weapon anybody here is familiar with.

The confusion present on his face in the first few moments after he's landed slowly smooths out, replaced with an expression of passing concern--he's not exactly dressed for this kind of weather, seeing as he just came from a sunny early-autumn south Pacific island. He's just going to sort of . . . duck into that cafe next door to get out of the rain.]

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04 March 2010 @ 03:19 pm
[The best word to describe this whole scenario is pretty much weird. Not that Kay was too bothered by it or anything - stranger things had happened to her (in a sense). But it certainly wasn't everyday that she found herself being stolen to another place like this in the blink of an eye!

As much as she wanted to try and find out the mastermind behind this, there were more pressing issues at hand. Notably, the fact that the winds around her were quite blistery, and the skies darkening around her; the sign of a particularly harsh thunderstorm approaching - and approaching soon.

Holding her scarf tight so that it wouldn't fly off, the girl started to look around. She needed shelter now, and maybe someone for company while the storm passed - somehow, it seemed like a great idea to her at this moment with time. And with how things were now, well, she wasn't particularly inclined to argue with the abrupt suggestion that had so suddenly appeared in her head.]
28 February 2010 @ 04:02 pm
[ Do you not feel that it is strange? To always hate whomever you meet. That is no way to make allies, Sesshoumaru. That is no way to rule.

The voices in his head are both irritating and grating, a similar mixture that is driving the dog demon to fury quicker than he had ever imagined possible. It's not something Sesshoumaru is used to; having a voice that is unlike his own whispering in his mind is odd and he hates it. He is determined to find the source before it can get worse - which he is sure it will.

You can smell the thunder, can't you? What if Rin is out there, Lord Sesshoumaru? What if she dies due to your inability to protect her? She is only human.

Snarling, the demon can do no more than slash his hand through a nearby table. Um. He's not going to pay for that, dudes, sorry. ]

26 February 2010 @ 07:49 pm
[ beyond birthday, killer extraordinaire, is sitting outside of a small café at a metal table ensemble. his knees are drawn up to his chest and he works around them to reach the coffee cup in front of him, labouriously lifting it from the table to his lips for a sip before replacing it in its former position. in between sips he picks at an uncommonly large cream cheese danish. he projects a bored demeanour, one that's waiting to be entertained by company. ]
19 February 2010 @ 02:00 pm
Who: Miles Edgeworth, Open
When: Day 2, Late Morning/Early Afternoon
Where: Outside of a decent hotel; maybe other locations in the city, depending on how the log goes
What: After being kidnapped and swept into the most bizarre city he's seen, Edgeworth decides to do some investigating (and maybe get a bite to eat while he's out).

Time for some fresh air!Collapse )
17 February 2010 @ 11:23 am
[ Nodoka has explored as best she can, feeling this strange sort of nostalgia, as though she's been here before. It's strange, but her mind keeps telling her that this is Reduceres, this is a place she is supposed to be, but she doesn't know why... All she knows is that somewhere Negi-sensei is without her, and that's not right. She made a pactio with him; even though it was an accident it was still a promise to be his partner. Not only that, but her friends... She has to avenge them, she just had to.

But right now, she can't. Dirty ballgown, scraped knees and cut hands are not very good when what you need to do is find somewhere safe - again. It's fine; she's done this before, this being alone and having to find herself somewhere to stay. It's like a mantra in her head - it's alright, I will find Negi-sensei, it'll work out. But the fact that she's wandering around close to crying at the memories of what seemed like her friends' deaths is not helping her. ]

Craig-san... Aisha-san...

[ With a small sigh Nodoka continues walking, hoping to find someplace where she can rest or find a change of clothes. These shoes are ruining her feet. ]
16 February 2010 @ 09:23 pm
[ alas, if you happen to be glancing in this particular direction, you might notice a slightly dazed-looking young man with a rather ridiculous hairstyle. he's rubbing his head profusely, and blinks a few times to clear his mind. after a moment of staring, wide-eyed, at his surroundings, he finally speaks aloud to himself: ]

H-Huh? This isn't the defence lobby...did I fall asleep during recess?

[ he takes a few unwilling steps forward, and the stillness of this particular area unsettles him. he takes an audible gulp! before rubbing the back of his neck anxiously and calling out to the cityscape again, this time more urgently and with a slightly high-pitched tone. ]

Trucy? ...Mr. Wright?

[ now it's time to break out the chords of steel. ]


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16 February 2010 @ 12:26 pm
Although he was, for some reason, aware of where he was and why, that didn't go any way towards explaining 'how', the question of which he was entirely stuck on. He didn't deny -- at least not inwardly, outwardly was another matter entirely -- that he was a person in need of change. That change, however, wasn't something that had been possible (and not to mention, of course, even if he had succeeded in changing himself into even a slightly better person, he didn't deserve to have a better life, not after--).

But then, that was the problem, wasn't it? Was this 'after'? A place where one bettered themselves, sought to right their sins. Purgatory. But from what he could recall, it wasn't over, his desired end hadn't been reached -- couldn't be reached -- and then he'd found himself here, entirely uninjured (a fact that led credence to the somewhat comforting concept of this being a particularly life-like dream) and aware of a series of random facts relating to his location.

Straightening his jacket, he turned his attention towards the shop he was standing outside -- a rather quaint looking bakery. The architecture in general wasn't in a style he was intrinsically familiar with; it seemed to be rather standard and vaguely modern, but it certainly wasn't a style of architecture that would be found in Tokyo.

He did wonder though, if there was anyone else here, anyone tangible. It would be ironic if after eleven years of deliberately distancing himself from everyone he met, he was at this point unable to actually meet or talk with anyone.
15 February 2010 @ 06:27 pm
[If you're in the area and you can't hear the car alarm going off, lucky you. The cause wasn't because someone just bumped it in the parking lot as they were walking by--more like a bus stop sign was thrown at it in a fit of rage.

And a parking meter.

And a tire iron.

The culprit? Oh, the culprit's still there, of course, he just looks... Very. Very grumpy. Maybe a little psycho, too, but that's probably just the lighting.]
15 February 2010 @ 03:17 pm
[ in contrast to how light he feels, Beyond Birthday moves with the heaviness of solid, conscious reality: the first sign that he hasn't simply woken into another dream. the second is that he feels sharp and alert and when he counts seconds, he doesn't miss any -- his perception of time is accurate, rather than the vague awareness of dreams.

the third is that he's ravenously hungry. when he realizes it, his memory snaps into place and he panics: he wasn't here when he fell asleep, and he can't shake the vague knowledge regarding his surroundings, did L capture him before he finished his challenge, is he drugged--? but if that's the case, then L cheated rather than arresting him fair and square in the eyes of the public, which isn't the detective's style at all -- B should know, he's spent long years enough studying L's cases. so he can be fairly certain that he hasn't been abducted by L at least, and if there were a drug to combine in consciousness but separate in perception dreaming knowledge and waking awareness, he would have been aware of its existence long before abduction. B has his connections, his channels.

the downside to all of this analysis is that it's theoretical. he can't possibly figure anything out while he stays where he woke up, barring divine intervention which has never come through for him yet. in light of all this, B begins carefully treading through the streets in the general direction of where he's quite sure there's a deli, relaxing just enough to thoroughly digest his surroundings.