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Everyone has their faults, their weaknesses, their flaws. Some conceal them, some refuse to acknowledge them, and some overcompensate for them. In the city of Reduceres, the Council believes flaws should be smoothed out, shortcomings ought to be lengthened, and that they know the ways to achieve if not perfection, greatness in the individual. They act on their values from behind the closed doors of the Rise and pull in people from other worlds as they see fit. Currents to aid self-improvement and currents to test your resolve are distributed at the Council's irregular whim. Minor and major changes to the entire environment of the city and surrounding countryside are enacted when they believe change will allow character growth.

Welcome to Reduceres, where if you leave, it will be as a better person than you arrived.

reduceres Main gameplay community. All threads and logs are to be played out in this community.
reduceresinfo Information community. All necessary documentation regarding the game is posted to this community by the mods: applications, hiatuses, in-game events, and in-game schedules.
reduceresboard Out of character community. This community is for interaction between players, be it plotting, announcing introductions, hiatuses or drops, or fun memes! The mods will also crosspost reminders for in-game schedules here.

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